Tom’s not a career politician.
He’s one of us.

Over 15 years ago it became clear to me that the problems America faces couldn’t be solved by politicians. I knew, and continue to believe, that only a businessman in the White House could solve America’s challenges.

Then, in September 2015, yes 2015, I became convinced that Donald J. Trump would be our next President and I began telling people about the surety of Trump’s victory ahead. Many laughed at what they perceived as the absurdity of my convictions.

After the November 2016 election, they were no longer laughing.

It’s Time for Transparency & Common-Sense in State Government

Why did I think President Trump would win? First, because I had faith in the American people, their love of country, and their innate patriotism. Second, and most importantly, because President Trump was the first American President in my generation who gave VOICE to the silent majority.

I want to be the first Governor of Nevada for this generation to give that same voice to the voters and taxpayers of our Great State! Briefly, my background: I am an Air Force Academy graduate and served over 22 years on active duty leading men and women in planning, developing, and constructing the military’s infrastructure, logistics support, and contingency plans. Excellence was and continues to be my standard and expectation in serving my countrymen and women while producing successful outcomes.

In my civilian career, I have worked in several municipalities and I ran Logistics for the Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Site in the South Pacific Marshall Islands. I also have three graduate degrees. But, what’s most important about my education and experience is that it has given me the confidence to always do the right things, regardless of political consequence, and to speak up and truth-tell with leaders, including those instances in which those in positions of power were making decisions that just didn’t make sense or serve people and communities we were there to help. I want to be your voice for truth-telling and always doing the right things!


Now about you, the voters! All of you have made decisions throughout your lives — for your families, for your finances, for your budgets, at work, what home to buy, where to live and you guided your children through their life’s challenges. Some of you even ran your own businesses and made decisions to make them prosper. Most importantly in all of this, those decisions you made were based on common sense — that is what made you successful. However, I’m sure, if you’re like me, when you went home in the evenings, you turned on the evening news to see what was going on in the world — you were appalled that politicians had totally forgotten the common sense part of decision making. I want to be your voice for common-sense solutions that will produce successful outcomes!

So your choice in Nevada’s 2022 election is clear. Do you want an establishment politician who tells you what you want to hear, who talks one way and votes another? Or do you want someone who brings a systematic business approach, focusing on problem-solving and common-sense solutions to produces successful outcomes for Nevadans? If you want the latter, then I’m asking for your help and your vote so we can start the process to put Nevadans back in charge of our State and those we elect.


Join the team and help Tom Heck give power back to the people