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What Tom Stands For…

Tom Heck is a staunch Constitutionalist who believes we are currently witnessing the biggest government overreach in U.S. history.

Tom will lift all Covid mandates and restrictions, personal and business, on Day One as the Governor of Nevada.

Nevada's Lucky 13

Below are the 13 most pressing issues Nevada currently faces and the first issues my administration will address on Day One

1. State Budget
Cut the budget by 10% and I will veto any budget that comes to my desk which includes new taxes or fees.

2. Protect Freedom of Speech
Ensure freedom of speech prevails and I will call out anyone who tries to stifle the constitutional rights of Nevadans.

3. Back the Blue
Support and defend law enforcement doing their job. I will establish regular engagement with rank and file members and their leadership to understand and support their needs so they can protect Nevadans.

4. Eradicate CRT in Nevada Schools
Stop the political indoctrination of our children in our public schools. I will issue an Executive Order prohibiting CRT. I will work with the Department of Education to ensure Nevada’s public schools are teaching patriotism, such as The 1776 Project.

5. Outlaw Mask & Vaccine Mandates
Curtail mandates for masks and vaccines. This is a free country!

6. Fund School Voucher Program
Ensure parents are put in the driver’s seat in determining the best educational setting for their children by fully funding the School Voucher Program.

7. Make Nevada a Constitutional Carry State
Make Nevada a constitutional carry state. I will always support the rights of Nevadans to legally purchase and carry firearms.


8. Office of Inspector General

Establishing the Office of the Inspector General to root out fraud, waste, and abuse in state and local governments.

9. Nevada Governmental Accountability

Work on changing the culture in state government to focus on Nevadans as the customer and making government more effective, efficient, and responsive to Nevadans.

10. Secure Nevada Elections

Champion legislation for Voter ID laws and repeal the Commerce Tax.

11. State Energy Considerations

Work to enact laws that require we use only free-market supported energy sources with a required 5-year review and approval to ensure we are using the most cost-effective free-market energy sources available.

12. Make Nevada Great Again

Establish a statewide task force to develop and implement a plan to continuously improve Nevada’s lower-tier national rankings, especially focusing on our national ranking for education.

13. A Voice for the Silent Majority

Ensure we give voice to the silent majority and that I and my administration always tell the truth, even if there may be political fallout for doing so. I will ensure we always do the right thing for the people of Nevada.



Not only will Tom Heck veto any new tax increases, he will also cut the state budget by 10% on Day One as Governor.

Election Integrity

Over the last year, Americans have witnessed a grotesque abuse of our election system nationwide. As your Governor, Tom will deliver an Election Reform Plan (ERP) with the following goals:

    • Require Voter ID
    • Eliminate Ballot Harvesting
    • End Universal Mail Ballots
    • Create a Citizen-Based Election Oversight Committee to Return “Power to the People”


Tom Heck’s Education Plan puts parents back in the driver’s seat of their child’s education.

Tom’s Education Plan includes:

    • School Choice
    • Fully Fund School Choice Scholarships
    • Offer Opportunity Scholarships
    • Empower Parents / Limit the Power of School Boards and School Administrators


As Governor, Tom Heck will work hand-in-hand with local and federal law and immigration enforcement agencies to identify and deport all violent illegal aliens in the State of Nevada.


Protecting the Unborn

Tom is unapologetically 100% Pro-Life.

Jobs & Helping Small Businesses

Tom is committed to creating a “Job Creation Environment” by reducing job-killing regulations, lowering taxes and getting Nevada State Government out of the boardrooms of our local businesses, big and small. 

Protecting the Second Amendment

The Constitution is crystal clear when it comes to the Second Amendment. “Shall Not Be Infringed” means exactly that and Tom Heck intends to keep it that way for the citizens of Nevada.


Join the team and help Tom Heck give power back to the people