Shared via New York Post:

At least half of President Biden’s 22.2 million Twitter followers are bogus, a new audit revealed.

The audit, which was done for the social media giant by software firm SparkToro, found that 49.3% of the president’s followers are “fake followers,” according to Newsweek.

SparkToro has defined “fake followers” as “accounts that are unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter).”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is currently attempting to buy Twitter, has expressed concern over the growing number of fake accounts and proposed a potential crackdown on the sham accounts.

It’s hard to believe that the recipient of the most votes of any President in U.S. history, over 80 Million, we’re led to believe, can’t garner more social media followers on this staunchly left-wing platform than Donald J. Trump, the supposed, most reviled man on said platform.

As someone in Denmark once said, “Something doesn’t smell right”.

As the next governor of the Great State of Nevada, I’ll work fearlessly to ensure our elections are fair, transparent and fully open to investigation and audit.

These measures, in combination with Voter ID are the first steps required toward true election integrity.