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Tom Heck is taking his message directly to the people of Nevada with his weekly Digital Town Halls every Monday night at 7PM PST at ElectHeck.com

For the first time in Nevada political history, the Tom Heck for Governor campaign is sidestepping all the typical GOP “meet and greets”, where spend hour up on hour schmoozing political insiders and career politicians to take his message directly to the people of Nevada.

Join Tom every Monday night at 7P and become a part of the conversation. Jump into the group chat to chat directly with Tom as he answers your questions, LIVE!

You can catch Tom’s weekly Digital Town Hall on the following platforms:

1. YouTube

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Rumble 

And, as always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact Tom at 775-393-0500.

Due to the corrupt fashion in which the Nevada GOP, and in particular the Clark County GOP is excluding Gubernatorial candidates within in just days of them filing to run, the Tom Heck campaign is proud to announce we will be conducting a weekly town hall at 7 PM to talk directly to the people of Nevada who want to rid the state of the career politicians, their political bosses and the corruption they’re involved with in the state of Nevada.

Please sign up below to join us every Monday night at 7 PM, or you can also reach out to Tom directly at: 775-393-0500.