Today, I filed my responses to the NRA-PVF 2022 Nevada Candidate Questionnaire.

As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe to the core of my being that the founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when penning the Second Amendment.


Tom Heck speaking with fire arm expert and CCW Instructor, Dave Roberg about Tom’s plan to introduce Constitutional Carry legislation as Governor.   

As the NEXT Governor of Nevada, I will make it the next Constitutional Carry state. As a retired military
member, I will fully support and defend the 2nd Amendment Rights in Nevada.
Additionally, I will issue an executive order eliminating fees to obtain a CCW license in Nevada. I will also
mandate Sheriff’s CCW processing time be no more than 5 days. This will also include the requirement for all
gun free facilities or areas to provide armed security for those gun free zones so citizens will know they are
I will also do a review and develop special procedures for each Sheriff’s office to find a way to speed up the
process for those individuals that have an urgent need for a CCW, especially battered spouses or those with
credible evidence of being stalked.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the NRA questionaire I submitted on 3/31/22.