Have you seen the websites and social media pages of the other candidates currently running for governor in Nevada? They’re heavy on promises and a little light on substance.

There’s one simple reason for this “lack of transparency”. Politicians don’t like to put things in print that may come back to haunt them politically. The solution? Make extremely broad claims or promises and don’t offer any specifics unless required. This strategy comes directly from the Career Politicians Playbook.

The Tom Heck Campaign was shocked to learn that our team is the only team in the Nevada Governor’s race to complete the Ballotpedia questionnaire(s) that allow you, the voter, to get additional, confirmed information about the candidates running in this race.

Tom Heck’s completed BallotPedia form can be found here: CLICK TO VISIT BALLOPEDIA.

If your “elected officials” refuse to take the time to tell you about themselves and their polices, are they really worthy of your vote?

No. The answer is no.

Tom Heck and the Heck Campaign are open books. Do you have a question about Tom’s plans to address Nevada’s education system (which currently ranks 50th in the nation), or Water Rights Issues, just call:

775-393-0500. Yep, it’s actually that simple. And, yes. Tom Heck actually answers his phone, unlike the rest of Nevada State Government Offices,

Due to the corrupt fashion in which the Nevada GOP, and in particular the Clark County GOP is excluding Gubernatorial candidates within in just days of them filing to run, the Tom Heck campaign is proud to announce we will be conducting a weekly town hall at 7 PM to talk directly to the people of Nevada who want to rid the state of the career politicians, their political bosses and the corruption they’re involved with in the state of Nevada.

Please sign up below to join us every Monday night at 7 PM, or you can also reach out to Tom directly at: 775-393-0500.