Las Vegas| April 8, 2022

Tom Heck sat down with Captain James McCormick today to discuss the biggest issues facing Nevada on Capt. McCormick’s America Matters Media podcast, Vets for Vets.

Tom Heck discusses his views and plans for eduation, public safety and creating an job creation environment for the citizens of Nevada.

Tom also discusses his plan to cut the state budget by 10% on Day One.

And, as always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact Tom at 775-393-0500.

Due to the corrupt fashion in which the Nevada GOP, and in particular the Clark County GOP is excluding Gubernatorial candidates within in just days of them filing to run, the Tom Heck campaign is proud to announce we will be conducting a weekly town hall at 7 PM to talk directly to the people of Nevada who want to rid the state of the career politicians, their political bosses and the corruption they’re involved with in the state of Nevada.

Please sign up below to join us every Monday night at 7 PM, or you can also reach out to Tom directly at: 775-393-0500.